Why do Fools Fall in Love? Part 1

Maybe a better title for this post is ‘why do (some) men always choose the wrong chica?’ But I chose the other title so I could include the video clip below.

It is a fact that some men want a girlfriend. They aren’t satisfied with just good sex. Other men would be satisfied with ANY sex (especially men married a long time) but we are going to talk about the first group for a change. Tastes differ, can we all agree on that? Or do you feel that YOU are right and anybody who disagrees with you is JUST PLAIN WRONG? If so, I think I may have met you in the Rey last night. For those who can admit their taste isn’t universal, we shall proceed.

I COULD go into a ton of reasons WHY some men want a girlfriend, but instead let’s just accept that they do and go from there. What I want to get to is the meat of the matter: What makes a chica worth taking a chance on, and what makes one a bad risk. There’s enough material here to write a book, but I’ll try to be brief.

Item 1: Dumb Ideas. I have met SOOOO many guys who think there is a simple answer such as: Nicas are better than (Ticas, Dominicanas, etc.) or chicas who have an education are the ticket, or chicas with have regular jobs, or chicas over 30, or WHATEVER. Here is the whole unvarnished truth: NONE of those generalizations is a sure thing. They are a COP OUT for avoiding doing the REAL work, which is: a) knowing what you need b) getting to know the chica you are considering getting involved with.

Let’s start with the easier part, which strangely is part b): getting to know the chica. Smart men can be so stupid sometimes. I have seen some really pathetic scenes as Gringos fondle chicas who are staring off into the distance. Sadly, lots of guys somehow missed out when it comes to being able to judge emotions in others. This doesn’t just go for Gringos and chicas. I suspect you’ve had the same experience. Somebody will be going on and on about something you couldn’t care less about. Your boredom is obvious to everyone watching EXCEPT the person who is boring you. It SHOULD be obvious to the bore too, but it isn’t. That’s what makes a bore a bore, I guess.

But even non-bores can be blinded by a pretty young girl. The question is, how do you overcome the blindness? Ah… THERE is the heart of the matter. We’ll get to that in the next installment, stay tuned!

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Sexy African Woman in front of Hotel Door

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