Very Basic Spanish for the Single Male

As part of my latest tour, I was reminded once again of how a little basic Spanish could be of use to ‘single male’ visitors, especially the relative newbies. There are plans in the works to put together a multimedia project that will cover the subject in much more detail, but for now I hope this will be of some help.

Disclaimer: I am not bilingual and there may be mistakes in spelling of the Spanish, and there is more than one way to say any of these things. The bottom line is, if you get anywhere near close to the phonetic pronunciation, the girls will understand. It’s part of the job description.

As I said above, there is a large multimedia project in the works where you’ll be able to hear pronunciation in addition to reading. It will also be a lot more, ah… detailed, more graphic shall we say? Stay tuned!

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  1. Fabuloso! :))))))))))))))))

  2. Pwe-dow DEES-pararr mee car-ga-MEN-to en too BO-cah seen CONE-don? Can I shoot my load in your mouth without a condom?

  3. I'll try that one tonight!
    me gusta!

  4. "Pwe-dow DEES-pararr mee car-ga-MEN-to en too BO-cah seen CONE-don" …. That's a mouthful, literally.

    Looking forward to the indepth project thats in store. Thanks!

  5. Where is Cuba Dave?

  6. "Too TIEE-nes OON tra-SER-o mOOeey LEEN-da" = "You have a very pretty ass"

    "Mey GOO-stah cla-VAR-lo ESTAH NO-che" = "I'd like to nail it tonight"

  7. Hurry be there for Halloween