The Ugly American – Sunday Encounter

I went down to a local sports bar Sunday to watch my favorite football (North American type) team get their butts kicked. Well, I can’t say I enjoyed that, but I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed a loud Gringo who felt compelled to express his political opinions at maximum volume.

Naturally I would have been less annoyed if he weren’t on the OTHER side of the political fence from me, but still even so he picked an odd time and place to get political. Perhaps it was because his team was losing that he was so agitated, but he certainly was agitated. The target of his anger was President Obama and everybody to the left of Glenn Beck.

I didn’t feel compelled to defend our President just because he was our president. I didn’t feel compelled to defend him because I think he’s doing a good job, because actually I don’t. But still I found myself wading in when I heard the loudmouth going on about how ‘Obama is the prime example of affirmative action’ and ‘We ought to just nuke em’ in regard to Muslims everywhere.

He was convinced that Obama was ruining the military because the troops were asked to show restraint when around civilians, not be able to open fire when they felt like it. I can say without doubt I would not like to have THAT joker in MY neighborhood with an automatic rifle and orders to fire at will. I suspect he’d think I was ‘will.’

I was around during the Viet Nam war. I remember the concept of winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of the people there. I also remember the term ‘bomb them back to the stone age,’ coined by US Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay. Somehow the two concepts lived side by side in the minds of the leaders back then, and apparently live on in the minds of our current leaders, Democrat and Republican. The loudmouth in the bar had no concern for hearts, minds or any other part of anybody not a member of the US military, I deduced, and maybe not even then if it meant ‘losing honor.’

In any event, as you travel the world in search of the good life and occasionally find somebody who doesn’t love Americans, you might consider the loudmouth as a good example of ‘why.’

Full Disclosure: I unashamedly dodged the draft as best I could, all within the system, kinda like Dick Cheney did. We are both part of a long list of those who did not serve:

Dennis Hastert, (former Speaker of the House of Representatives)
Tom Delay, (former House Majority Leader)
Mitch McConnell, (US Senator from Kentucky)
Rick Santorum, (former US Senator from Pennsylvania)
Trent Lott, (Former US Senator from Mississippi)
John Ashcroft, (former US Senator and Governor from Mo. and US Attorney General)
Jeb Bush, (former Florida Governor and brother of the ex-President)
Karl Rove, (adviser to President G. W Bush)
Newt Gingrich, (former Speaker of the House of Representatives)
Phil Gramm, (former Congressman and Senator from Texas, adviser to John McCain)
Antonin Scalia, (Supreme Court Justice)
Clarence Thomas, (Supreme Court Justice)

And from the world of punditry: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, George Will, Chris Matthews, Paul Gigot, Bill Bennett, Pat Buchanan, Bill Kristol, and Michael Medved.

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  1. jim pop- Dan – be the ugly American. Nuke him, drink his beer, take his wallet. . and his fillings and enjoy the rest of the game. oh then put him in a taxi to just accross the border where they might have something different for him to celebrate

  2. Try going to a game in person nowadays- It was worth it for me to order the Direct TV package and stay home.– I'm a Yankee fan and all the bars in Key West are owned by people from the republic of Massachusetts – Nobody is worse than a Red Sox or Patriots fan.