On Tour in San Jose

I got an email from a guy in Chicago who asked me if I could give him a tour of some of the points of interest to a single male in San Jose. I said sure, and we arranged to meet at 11 on Monday in the lobby of the Del Rey hotel. I got there a couple of minutes early and I expected they would be there too, since they were staying in the hotel.

We headed north up the Calle from the Del Rey, crossed Morazan park and headed to the New Fantasy. It was still early and there were only three girls working. They were all pretty cute, and the guys liked the price and the facilities.

Since we were doing a tour, I made sure they knew how to find the place again, and we headed off to the next stop, the Hotel Little Havana. It was still early, and there was only one girl working, though she was very sexy. Guy #2 was quite taken with her, and he said he wanted to come back later in the afternoon, after the tour.

We headed up the hill and I showed them where a gym was where they could work out. Then we walked down the Avenida and passed the Poas bar, pausing to chat with Harry about the Cubs. Guy #2 was a White Sox fan, but they still found a few things in common.

Next stop was Musas massage parlor. There were a couple of girls working but nobody who particularly appealed to either guy. Then we hit Marruecos. It was also slow, being so early, and there was only one girl there. But the point was to show them how to find the places. After every place I tried to give a short recap of how to get there, and where we were in relation to where we had been and where we started.

We went a little further down the Avenue and made stops at both the Jet Set 2 and Krysis. They were both quite impressed with the facilities at Krysis, and the price was affordable.

I asked them if they wanted to see the REALLY inexpensive places and they were a little hesitant. After a little discussion they said “what the hell”, and off we went to the Zona Roja. There are 4 places more or less in a row, and we hit them all. Although none of them was packed with 10s (or even 7s) we did meet one girl who we all found rather charming, and for $12 might have given an audition.

But we were still doing the tour so we headed back towards the Gringo Gulch to check out a few of the gringo bars.

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