Fools In Love 3 (The 4 ‘S’s, ‘S’ #2: Solvent)

Alright, let’s suppose you have avoided the obvious pitfalls. You either speak Spanish or she speaks English. You live in the same country. She doesn’t have a substance abuse problem and she has a job. She’s over 25. You’re home free, right?

WRONG! What follows doesn’t apply only to Latinas, or even only to women, for that matter. Anybody of any age, sex or political persuasion can profit by what follows. SO PAY ATTENTION!

Let’s start with something I credit to an ex-girlfriend who didn’t make it up, but did bring it to my attention. She called it the rule of the 4 ‘S’s. They are: Sober, Solvent, Single and Sane. We’ve already dealt with ‘sober’ so let’s move along. Let’s talk about ‘solvent.’

It’s a well known fact among the psychobabble community that couples are more likely to argue about money than about sex. Even if your little honey has a job, it doesn’t mean there won’t be money problems. You know people who can’t manage money. Hell, maybe you ARE one. A friend of mine has a son who works as an attorney in New York City and has been making $300k a year for years. He is in the process of declaring bankruptcy. You could end up with a young version of Imelda Marcos, somebody who can’t resist a new pair of shoes regardless of how many hundred are in her closet already.

The fact that you will almost certainly be the one with more money. This isn’t a problem per se, but it turns out to be one pretty often. Some guys assume that because a girl is poor or was brought up poor, she will be grateful to you for any improvement in her lifestyle. Maybe she will, and maybe she won’t. More often than not, she will not be happy with just a modest improvement. What she’ll be satisfied with usually depends on HER NOTION of how rich she THINKS you are.

It’s almost a given that you’ll be better off than she is. She may love you, but she wouldn’t have given you a chance if she thought you weren’t any better off than she is. It’s likely that the financial gap between you will be immense, ESPECIALLY from her viewpoint. To you, that $40,000 a year you made working as an insurance agent seemed very modest, but to HER… oh my gosh! YOU ARE RICH, BABY! Remember that the minimum wage (which the unemployed and underemployed don’t earn) is only a bit over a dollar an hour in Costa Rica.

Most guys complain that their girlfriends don’t have any concept of money or planning for tomorrow. If you have lived basically hand to mouth all your life, the concept of saving is pretty foreign. There are always exceptions, but don’t count on that cute girl you like to be one.

And we haven’t even talked about her family, but the typical girl down here has family attachments a lot stronger than you are used to. The family will treat you as family too, which basically means they will hit on you whenever they need money, or at best hammer your girlfriend to hammer YOU for Grandma’s new dentures. You say you’ll take a hard line about it all, but don’t expect it to go over well. Even if your girlfriend agrees that Mama is out of line, it won’t stop her being stressed when Mama calls begging.

Well, enough about ‘Solvent.’ THE POINT IS… you need to know a few things about the potential love of your life regarding money. First of all, is shopping her favorite sport (when she has money). Will she buy herself a luxury such as a new pair of shoes when she has no idea where the rent will be coming from next month? Secondly, how close is she to her family, how many of the boogers are there, and how needy are they? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you had better find out, mi amor. I’m not joking.

(to be continued… more ‘S’s and more)

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  1. Hey Thomas!
    First off, thanks ever so much for your well-written and most informed articles.
    I also thank your ex-girlfriend for your article today, real yummy stuff!
    Having a "little" bit of life's experiences with women along with HARD lessons learned,
    my suggestion to ALL our male friends is:
    RENT, RENT, RENT, RENT AND RENT THEM SOME MORE for the hour, day, week, month or year.
    Once you cross over the love line, brothers you ARE cluster fucked!
    Thanks for reading me!

  2. The Rocketman says:

    Your X-GF has her "4 S's" and there is a lot of truth in each of those. Sober, Single, Solvent and Sane. Sober. Those Latinas can drink more in a week than almost any American girl I know. As far as Single, your guess is as good as anyone's as to who is actually single, hooked up or married regardless of what the Tica tells you. They'll admit having 5 hijos (I need money) but will be hard pressed to admitting having a guy hanging around sponging money they make. And Solvent, I've never seen an American girl that can have 3 Gringo's supporting her and still piss off as much cash as the Tica can. But I can't wait to hear the Sane part. I've known more than my fair share of absolutely certifiably bounce off the walls crazy girls stateside so my "insane radar" is fully operational. But I'm anticipating this one just as I have all your insightful views. Thanks. But…..
    We, my gentlemen friends, certainly have our own letters. The 3 F's. Along Ron's line of thought. Rent it if it Flies, Floats or Fu(fornicates)cks. No truer works have been spoken.

  3. tim again says:

    You hit the nail on the head. I know the wife I posted about earlier. I did get the divorce and ended up paying a lawyer 3500 and her 2000. But I am free. When I met her she was drinking coke out of a straw and a plastic bag. She had to pay on her bottle of perfume each month till it was paid off. She didn’t have a car and her and Son lived with her mom. I took her to USA several times. Yes I was the man to family and friends Damn She is Fine. In the final months all she could do is talk about was when we were going on vacation again, how much did I have in the bank how long would I have a retirement. All this after buying her and her son several nice things and improving their quality of life. She did end up finding another sucker on facebook, thus the reason she left. One word Gold-digger. Oh she did work for a month spent all on shoes and X mass or B days gifts for me forget it never happened. But always had a hand out for her son on his B day or her B day or X mass. i got 4 Fs for you Find them Feed them Fuck them and Forget them

  4. Gents, I'm 45 and have rocked San Jose/Jaco 20 times in 15 years…the most amazing times! And Del Rey for Halloween…frickin amazing…awesome time…but after divorcing my 2nd american blond a year ago I swore I would never marry again…I've done brazil, medellin and the fkk's in frankfurt (which I highly recommend club Oasis!)…and now, I've got a frking perfect 30yr old w/1 kid in El Salv that is killing my heart…she's frickin great…but damn that is responsibilty eh? My biggest problem…I love latinas! Viva Sportsmens and del rey boys!

  5. Michael AnJello says:

    to quote a few far more experienced that I: The 3 F's. Along Ron's line of thought. Rent it if it Flies, Floats or Fu(fornicates)cks. No truer works have been spoken." or "Your X-GF has her "4 S's" and there is a lot of truth in each of those. Sober, Single, Solvent and Sane. Sober" … obviously some very wise men indeed… now my story of chasing, renting, multiple compartment dwelling if you will, starts a mere few years ago. but it is amazing how much you learn in a short period of time when you apply or insert yourself as a multi-tasker, i.e., of course working several fishing lines at once ;] !! my wise friend once told me soon after my D, that you need to remember – there are 3 billion women out there, and some of them are the right age to date! wise words to remember! for the guy hwo has a perfect 30yo in El Salv, i feel your pain buddy. i can only warn you that another good friend advised me of women saying "they are all dirty little whores" … sure that is a bit tilted, but hey, think about it – anyone who has ever dated or married, KNOWS that the Womb-an species uses the most powerful organ on the planet (their pussy of course) to make THEIR life ideal for the moment if not longer. beware, and remember – renting gives you flexibility! One last friend quote "you show me a 10 hot wife of 2 or more years, and i'll show you a hubby who's tired of fucking her" wise words. Rent or Buy? hmmmm you decide… sounds like i already did ;]

    • 🙂 Very well said and presented to our "listening" audience!
      "The most powerful species!" I believe WE need to use our brain far more often and remember:
      If their lips are moving, they are lying while always being on their game; we are not!
      Only after many, many "hard lessons" do we learn that they will never change!

  6. "If its got tits or tires……'s gonna cost you money."

  7. Don Quixote says:

    Thomas, I think you are sane sometimes, what about the other 3 'S' s.

  8. i love latino ladies

  9. salsabravo says:

    Or, what about the rule of the three 'F's': If if Floats, Flies, or Fucks, it's cheaper to rent it….

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