“ALL” Inclusive Resort in Venezuela pt 3

A part of the ‘documentary’ that was a little misleading occurred when the narrator explained the pay scale. $80 out of $200 might seem stingy, but the hotel is still a hotel, and has plenty of overhead. Not to mention that minimum wage in Venezuela is around $200 a month. So with 3 days of work, the girls make more than the minimum wage for a month. Sure, they work 24 hour days (in theory) but they DO get to sleep, and eat, and swim, and on and on. It’s not as if they are having sex 24 hours a day. Or stooped over cutting sugar cane with a machete.

Which brings us to another point. How many of the girls get to eat like that at home? Lobster? Hell, *I* don’t get to eat like that. How many have swimming pools to play in? And how about gifts and tips? All in all the only downside to the job is the clients, that is to say, the ‘work’ part of the job. And who can blame the girls for not wanting to fawn all over Fat Bob? Not me. I’d have a rough time playing gigolo to a fat, ugly, obnoxious woman. But if it was that or the sugar cane job, I’d give it a shot, at least.

I am a softhearted guy and I do feel some sympathy for the girls. But it’s not because they are ‘forced’ into sex slavery, which they are not. I regret that the economy of their country and the world in general is such that there are so many more people than there are decent jobs. Do I have the solution? Well, not unless you can get me major superpowers. And I would need a lot more than Aquaman, that’s for sure.

And strange as it may seem, I even feel sympathy for jackasses like Fat Bob. The poor bastard could possibly find a way to lose 100 lbs. But his personality and attitude are not going to change by anything short of a miracle. He can travel the world over, pay all the money in creation, but everywhere he goes, THERE HE IS. To quote John Lennon, “One thing you can’t hide is when your crippled inside.” Or to quote Frank Zappa… “What’s the ugliest part of your body? I think it’s your mind.”

There was so much in the videos that I could spend way too much time dissecting the psychology of the director, the viewing public, the girls, the clients, the management and on and on. But to wrap this up, I think I really need to mention that one scene where the girl with the short blonde hair has her little Voodoo temple and is doing nasty things to people (clients) she doesn’t like. Or at least she hopes she is. Maybe this is your idea of a girlfriend experience? I can assure you it DEFINITELY isn’t mine.

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  1. What is the name of this place and how do I get intouch with them??

    • thomasobrien says:

      It amazes me guys can watch that video, read my article and STILL want to go there. But mine is not to reason why… do a google search on: isla margarita adult global fantasies

      Good luck. Better hope you don't end up with the new 'Angelica'

  2. The reason I ask was I had found one a year or so ago called mywildvacation.com just wanted to know if it was the same place?? the prices didn't match that's all

  3. thomasobrien says:

    Okay Kirk. I think you can see the name of the hotel in the first video. I think there is more than one place like the one in the video on Isla Margarita.

  4. I think that the worst thing about the videos is that I can imagine myself there as a guest and never know why I had such an empty and unsatisfying experience.

  5. First, the hotel in the video was closed a year after this video was released

    Second, I don't see much deference between hopping between pick spots I.E. Coasta Rica
    and booking a "all inclusive" hotel. It's mostly just effort….. No time to finish my thought tbc.