The Hostile Venezuelan GFE

Angelica struck me right away. The ‘vibes’ I got from her were bad right off the bat. She had an attitude that only a Clueless Clyde® would miss. It was SO obvious that she had NO business being in ‘the business.’

She did have a reasonably nice body, but her face wasn’t attractive (to me) and her attitude was a big turnoff. If you watch all the videos you can see that she was all about getting as much money for as little effort as possible. Her right, for sure, but I would have sent her packing just like her bosses did. Probably LONG before they did, in fact.

One of the things that these videos reinforced to me is how bad an idea these prepackaged ‘romantic’ vacations are. I am not overly picky, as my friends will laughingly attest, but I found few of those girls appealing, at least to the tune of $200 a day.

But that is not the major issue for me. The whole ‘casting call’ bit, which the girls seemed to hate so much, is a ridiculous way to choose anybody except for a quickie. A lineup like that in a San Jose MP would be okay for about $20 to $30 a half hour, but I would probably check a few other locations if those girls were my only choices. For a 24 hour a day companion? No way in the world would a casting call like that be sufficient to pick a winner (performance and attitude) out of a pack of girls who generally hate their jobs.

There were a few bits in the videos that were at best misleading. I will quote you one: “the resort’s young female employees will have to do almost anything to keep the guests happy” and in almost the very next scene the short haired blonde says: “My last client had a vibrator. No one’s sticking that into me.” Throughout the videos you see girls refusing to do lots of things. Fair enough. Every prostitute should have the right to decide what she will and will not do. But if the girl doesn’t want to do ANYTHING AT ALL… time to look for another line of work.

Check out my previous article on the Venezuela Resort and of course stick around because there is more to come.

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  1. Angelica had a really bad attitude and HLH has better lineups than that.

  2. None of these chicas would make the cut at GOLDEN TIME in Panama City

    • thomasobrien says:

      Right Hank, I can think of a LOT or places they wouldn't cut it. I have quite a few within walking distance of my apartment.

  3. Dajohnson says:

    It's funny how these girls whine about how bad the job is. But none of them seem to have bothered with the hard work or even minimal education that would allow them to do honest work. Yes they are poor, and going to prep school probably wasn't an option. But anybody can teach themselves to read and to do basic math.