Se-x Tourism in Venezuela Part 1

A friend recommended that I check out a documentary about a sex-tourism resort in Venezuela. Right up old Tom’s alley, so to speak. Assuming you didn’t go straight to the video before reading this, the documentary is in 5 parts and I feel you can learn something from watching any or all of it. HOWEVER…

Before you even start, be aware that this video was not produced with YOU in mind as the target audience. The director has a point of view and although she (yes, it’s a woman) tries not to be too obvious about it, there is a definite point of view to the series and it is NOT flattering to the ‘clients.’ If you don’t get the message that she does not approve of the ‘hobby’ then you need to sober up and watch it again later.

Okay then. We know she doesn’t approve and we’ll take it from there. Let’s begin with some things that rang particularly true and informative. As the video goes on, you get a good picture of the mindsets of the girls, in particular Angelica and the short haired blonde. The owner of the place seems like a pretty honest guy, tells it like it is. Alaska Bob seems like a decent guy and is shown as such. Fat Bob is shown in an unflattering way, but I don’t know how anybody could show him any other way.

I have no way of knowing what was left out. The things the girls say and the things the clients say are totally believable. Some, perhaps even most working girls have similar feelings about what they have to do to make a buck. Some guys are definitely as unappealing as Fat Bob. I suspect the director was looking for as much negative as she could find.

We will never know what she decided to leave out. Little bits of positive came through here and there, almost as if by accident. Alaska Bob and his girl seemed to both enjoy their time together, though the director wanted us to feel bad about even that because they wouldn’t see each other again. Feel bad if the girl hates her client, feel bad if she likes him.

[to be continued!]

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  1. BiggerATL says:

    Watched both videos. It was entertaining… And I decided I'm not going to be a Bob. If I'm going to be a monger I'm going to look good doing it.

    And as soon as Hugo is "De-throwned" I will put Venezuela on my go to list

  2. This video should be shown to every guy that checks into th Sportsman or the Del Rey – once they wake up and relieze that it's all about the money and they relly don't like you – maybe the dinners and shopping spree's will hault – I've seen alot of fat Bob's at HLH $200 a night for that $40 girl what a deal.

    • Jim in florida says:

      Cuba Dumb,
      What difference does it make to you , if someone wants to be generous to a poor, undereducated
      hooker. I could care less if she likes me, what matters is that I enjoy myself.
      Why would you want it to hault.? Because you are a cheep jelous chump.
      Continue to enjoy your 40.00 dollar deals , then go back to your 30.00 a night dump hotel & eat your
      .99 c TV dinner & hate on others.

      Pura Vida , Putz

  3. That was a real eye opener. I can see Daves point and Jims point Jims wants to fall in love Dave wants to fall in lust. Thing is the girls just want to fall into money and your both stupid for treating women like they are just a peice of meat.Find a woman and treat her right and enjoy life the way it should be.

  4. It's just like costa rica girls have kids by some local looser and want you to pay for it.But they don't wont you just your money,well don't be a whore if you don't like the men.Stay with the looser you had your kids by. I don't know why men don't just stay in the states and get better looking girls that can speak english.After airfare and your stay you could have a lot better time here with good looking women,not some run down whore anyway

  5. thomasobrien says:

    Wow, lots of hostility here. I'm not much into censorship but I think we can cool it with the name calling. If you disagree with what someone says, disagree with what he says, not who or what you think he is.

    There are discussion forums if you want to get into a war of words with somebody. I can point you to 3 at least, but I suspect you already know of at least one.

    I will only delete a comment as a last resort, but I ask that you try to keep the comments somewhat relevant to the post itself. If you reply to another person's comment, try to show a little restraint with the name calling. Attack the message, not the messenger.

    There's more to come on this, and there are a total of 5 parts to the 'documentary.' There is a lot any guy can learn from the videos, biased as they may be. I will be posting on what I took away from watching them and I hope others will too.

  6. Enjoyed the video. Anyone know the email address of this place?

  7. thomasobrien says:

    But I don't know why you would want to, honestly, there are so many better options.

    • Like what? Being x-military, P4P is pretty much the same all over the globe, be it the Philippines, Korea, Thailand. But for now at least,my fav is San Jose. Close and convenient. What are your fav places?

      • thomasobrien says:

        I was referring to that particular venue, the resort at $200 a day for girls with lousy attitudes. I am not so sure p4p is the same world over. I don't think the brothels outside Vegas give you anywhere near the quality of experience (let alone dollar for dollar) that you can get in other places.

        Even in San Jose, you can pay a lot and get a little if you don't know what you're doing, or you can pay a little and get a lot. I haven't been to Asia, but guys who have go there instead of Vegas for good reasons. Same with here. I have had great experiences here for under $20 (not always, of course). I don't think you can say that in most 'first world' countries.

        If you really want a GFE, it's better to be somewhere where there is a BIG selection, not being forced to choose among 6 girls who hate their jobs. There are girls who LOVE sex and men in general. It's easier to find them when there are a 100s to choose from and not just 6.

  8. Well, 200 a day was a long time ago and Chavez shut down all three places on Margarita when he saw the Playboy channel feature but I believe all three owners moved on to the Dominican Republic where there were already other such resorts.