Monday Night YMMV at San Jose Nights Clubs

If they ever held a contest for the worst night of the week in San Jose to go out, then Monday night would probably win.

My friend Chuck was in town and on his last night. Despite the rain we ventured out to assorted strip clubs and outright brothels.

We began as we often do at VIP’s Taberna, arrived around 8:15 to see maybe 8 girls there and as many guys. There are some pretty decent looking girls who work there and I would say half of them passed the looks test for me. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Among the girls I have personally been with, there are a couple that would definitely qualify as spinners, Pamela and Veronica. They are both nice girls and Veronica loves to dance. Another girl, Tanya does an act with a beer bottle. She’s nice looking and flirtatious, but the word is that her sales pitch is a lot better than her performance. But again, YMMV.

We did a brief stop at the place next door, what used to be the Old Jet Set. One girl sitting outside was marginally appealing, but not much inside: about 6 to 8 girls, all very gorda. The little bar they had open for a while was closed. Add to that a lingering aroma of urine mixed with clorox, and we were out of there in a New York minute.

Our next stop was Chicas del Caribe. The bar isn’t that bad, but it was totally dead.

We headed across the street to Arcadas International. As we went in, I saw a girl standing near the entrance, maybe about 5′ 6, blondish, pretty face, and a body that would stop traffic. She smiled at me and my good vibe meter registered well into the “worth considering” range.

Once we were inside, a sweet, young, slim and pretty girl came over who recognized my friend and I. She sat with us for a while, never asking for a chica drink, and if I had been a little less drained, I would have taken her upstairs. I forget her name, but she is slim, small tits, flat stomach (no kids) and with a little cosmetic dental work she would be close to irresistible. She did a hot number on stage enthusiastically swinging around the pole.

There were maybe a dozen girls at Arcadas, and as usual nearly continuous dancing. The blond girl who would stop traffic took a few strolls in front of us, looking sexy as hell and seemingly in a good mood. Chuck decided to spend $30 for a half hour in the suite upstairs.

He was back downstairs about 20 minutes later looking drained but happy. Apparently she WAS as good as she looked. She was just 19, no kids, and pretty new to the biz, but a “natural talent”. Chuck didn’t remember her name, but you can’t miss her and she works 6 nights a week from 7 pm to 4 am.

As long as we were in the area, we stopped by the Molino Rojo where they raised the cover to 1500 Colones, and this gets you one drink ticket. Once inside for a while, we deduced that the reason for the cover increase is that the Rojo is finally putting dancers on stage with some regularity. We arrived at midnight, and they had a string of dancers, and at least two out of five were quite tempting.

There were other girls working the bar at the Rojo who were equally fetching, though as always there were plenty who I wouldn’t have bothered with for free (in Costa Rica, anyway). I have enjoyed the Molino Rojo for years, and have a lot of stories in my series, Five Years in the Rojo.

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