The ‘Regular’ Girlfriend Trap Part 2

One night I found myself in a very nice bar in a very nice part of the San Jose suburbs. There were a fair number of unattached women there between say 18 and 40, most of them quite attractive. I might as well have been the invisible man. If they were looking for a man it wasn’t an over-the-hill Gringo.

Some Gringos want to believe that the local women like Gringos because Latin men don’t treat their women well. It’s true that Latin men tend to be somewhat more ‘chauvinistic’ than their Gringo counterparts. But among the monger community, I have met more misogynists and chauvinists than I have among Latin American men. But that’s really beside the point. The reason the chicas like Gringos is because (most) Gringos can actually put food on the table, clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads, unlike too many Latino men.

I do know of a couple of relationships that seem to be working out fine. One is a guy around 40 and his 21 year old girlfriend. She has a high school education, had a (minimum wage) job, was attractive and had no kids. He is a multimillionaire, nice looking, nice personality, and GENEROUS. I know another couple who are around 30 years apart in age. He is worth around a million and she has 3 kids. He is providing a big house and all expenses for everyone.

I can’t think of a single Gringo whose girlfriend is well-educated, pretty, has a good job, is young and has no children. If you don’t need pretty, or under 40, you have a shot. If you don’t need well-educated or a good job, you have a shot. Not necessarily a GOOD shot, but at least a chance. If you want all of the above, you should first spend all your money on lottery tickets to become rich… your chances are better that way than spending your money on trips here looking for Senorita Perfecta.

Bottom line, if you want a ‘regular’ girlfriend or wife, you have to be realistic. A simple rule of the thumb is the worse her situation is, the better you look to her. The better her situation, the less appealing YOU will be to her. A girl living in the slums will be more interested in the average Gringo than a girl living in a mansion. A pretty girl with a sixth grade education will be more interested in you than a homely lawyer or doctor.

I write this knowing full well that there are guys who just won’t accept what I am saying. My story about Moochie is a case in point. But if you doubt, ask yourself honestly, ‘Do I look more like George Clooney or George Costanza? Is my net worth closer to Donald Trump’s or Donald Duck’s?’ If you are Mr. Perfect, then you deserve Senorita Perfecta. But if you ARE Mr. Perfect, why do you need to come to Costa Rica? Shakira should be willing to visit you on her own dime if you are that wonderful. The only problem is getting rid of her. When she visits me, she never wants to leave (ha ha).

So if you want a Latina girlfriend who is not a pro, go for it. But make sure she’s sane, sober and sincere. And for chrissakes, be realistic!

(my advice on picking lottery numbers will appear in a separate column)

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  1. They are all 7s or better and we are 3s and 4s but our wallets make us 8s and 9s…

  2. Don Quixote says:

    The older Gringo that is worth around a million could do better than providing a big house and all expenses for a chica with 3 kids. Thomas, what does he get for his money?

    • thomasobrien says:

      If anybody should know, YOU should, DQ! Though I guess the house isn't THAT big…

  3. In Costa Rica the "regular girlfriend" is by the hour no more. — I still see the 60 yr old guy that walks into the Sportsman hand and hand with some 20 yr old and introduces her as his girlfriend it's so sad some guys just don't get it. The working girl doesn't care if your 21 and just left the gym or if your 70 and just left the bar, they only want the money, so save your money – no dinner – no silly gifts – no trips to the beach, just pick a girl that's your type work out a price and have yourself an hour of fun and move on to the next girl as she moves on to the next guy. Big difference between being a fool and just being a nice guy.

  4. I'm 55 and I like female company when I go out to dinner, at some beaches and spas you got to bring your own pussy. So I guess I have GFE's in CR. It's Pura Vida to me. I buy them for as long as I want them, and then I give them cab fare. And I also move on to the next GFE.

  5. rico suave says:

    jusy came back from costa rica on wednesday,first time for me,everything was wonderful.
    like many of you had said,i just picked a girl of my type and worked out a price,when the hour was up,she left and i moved on to the next girl,these old geezers just don't get it,those girls the love no one,they will tell you anything to get your money,you got to be strong.
    i didn't have 1 bad experience down there,i will be back for sure.

  6. So True , Its All About The Money …! But , I Still Miss That place …

  7. Malpais says:

    LOL Great artical, Factual and to the point. "Show me the money and come and get the honey"
    Do your homework before taking a ho out on the town or the beach. Just remember "Your either paying them to stay. Or paying them to leave"

    Pura Vida and remember NO CIEN

  8. I've been to DelRey/Sportsmen's a dozen times in past 8 yrs–have always had fantastic times there–drank like a fish, played cards and nailed all the hot talent I could handle..with philosophy that its cheaper to rent and move on to the next—and don't believe any bullshit…I never thought I would get into a relationship with a chick there but last Dec I ran into a 30yr old newbie from Guatemala…she spent 3wks in SJ and returned back home…we've been together every few weeks and I just spent a month with her…its all great except for the pressure to take her to US..! I'm holding back on that but it aint easy!

  9. I have been to CR three times and think its still the best bang for the buck. I have been man whoring as far from home as the Ukraine for 5 weeks and the girls in CR are half the price and are more fun. BTW- i have read the articles posted about pussy under 50 bucks. If you nose doesnt work go for it. I have gotten nothing but FISH TACO with the cheapies. I can afford the 80 to 100 and you still get what you pay for. For you guys who brag on beating them down on their prices- boy are you schrewd to get a single mother down 20 dollars. I make money I dont take it from women who need it to feed the kids.

    • Can you tell me more about the ladies in the Ukraine?? I'm planning a trip there to meet a couple of ladies,would you tell me your experience with them??

  10. Papi_Grande says:

    i learned the hard way(fortunatly i am too bullheaded to send alot of money) over the years i have lost a few hundred dollars. seems like the CR girls are the same as their Philippine counterparts. bottom line is this the top 5 things of most importance all these girls is listed under my comment here.

    1) money

    2) money

    3) money

    4) family
    5) wayyyyyy down the list is you, but only if you provide 1-4

    good luck everybody but what i tell any guy going to a P4P country is one simple sentence or 2 to keep them on the right path. 1)leave your heart at the airport you can reclaim it on your way out of the country. 2) remember the 4 F's find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em, forget them