The ‘Regular’ Girlfriend Trap, Part 1

This trap is different than the others. We aren’t talking about dealing with professionals here. We are talking about guys who want to find a ‘nice’ girl for a girlfriend/wife/whatever. Well, this can certainly be done, and has been done successfully. But just like the other traps, there are some things to watch out for.

The simplest one to talk about is the mistaken assumption that by choosing a ‘regular’ girl you are assured of getting one who is honest, faithful, sane, sober, responsible, etc, etc. WRONG! The odds might be better that she will have less ‘baggage’ than a pro, but having better odds is no guarantee you will get what you need.

The average Gringo is well acquainted with ‘regular’ girls, since that is what they have been dealing with back home all their lives. It should go without saying that there are plenty of nightmares who aren’t prostitutes back home. What would make anyone think the situation is different in Costa Rica?

I’ve talked to guys who have convinced themselves that somehow ‘Latinas are different.’ Well, yes they are in some ways, but there is nothing in their culture (or genes, if you think in those terms) that makes them more sane, dependable, faithful, less of a pain in the ass, etc, etc. We’ll get back to cultural differences in a minute, but for now let’s just say that you are headed for trouble if you think ALL Latinas are the same.

I’ve talked to a LOT of guys down here looking for girlfriends, and too often what they want is just not realistic. To give a common example, She has to be:

  • Young
  • No kids
  • Sexy
  • Well educated
  • Employed

Of a certain physical type… spinner, big breasteses, big booty, whatever…

Young is probably the smallest problem, though many guys are content with ‘older’ girls, occasionally within a decade of their own age! No kids will eliminate a very high percentage of girls. I have met several grandmothers in their 30s. They start young and usually don’t stop till they have at least three.

Sexy is not much of a problem, by itself. If you can’t locate somebody you find attractive here, then you are incredibly picky. So far, no kids is the biggest obstacle. However, there is a class of girls down here who are likely to not have kids, and it happens to be those who are well educated, and usually employed as well (unless they are still students). Well hell, then, sounds perfect! Yeah, it does except for one thing: Why would she want YOU?

She might want you if you are EXTREMELY rich. She might want you if you are around her own age and good looking. If that’s you, you can ignore the rest of this diatribe. If it isn’t, read on.

Here’s the basic concept: the younger, prettier, better educated and economically secure she is, the younger, more handsome, and richer YOU need to be. It’s easy to get confused by hanging out in Gringo Gulch. So many young and pretty girls giving you the eye, it makes you think the local girls all love Gringos.

If only.

(to be continued)

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  1. Onlybecause says:

    Your thing would be fine except for one outrageous lie, Latinas WANT white guys cum because it makes whiter Latinas.

    That’s a fact.

    I know because I donate all the time.

    Have a nice day.

    • Latina working women don't want to be white stupid, they only want your money (GREEN)and when you run out, on to the next. Don't flatter yourself!

  2. Good info. Thanks. Rascal

  3. Right on Onlybecause, and we're guapo.

  4. It is all about the money for as long as it happens, start to end. So don't run out or you'll be alone.

  5. EstebanH says:

    I agree with all of this but I would like to point out a misconception that I read all the time. It has to do with how "good looking" a guy might be and how that affects how chicas will view them. I disagree with this point of view. Unless the girl is younger than, say 23, they aren't always looking for what we might consider "handsome". This attribute is way down the list on how women judge men. We have all seen throughout our lives the beautiful girl that goes for the guy we might consider ugly. Women do not use physical appearance to judge a potential mate in the same way men do. Women are much more inclined to look more for security (wealth), strength, stablilty, humor, kindness, etc., etc.

  6. I have fallen into the girlfriend trap myself, my girlfriend is a working girl in a low rent San Jose MP. – that is how she supports her mother and sister, she spends 10 nights a month with me for $40 a night, that's how she supports herself. That's about $5000 a year for about 120 nights of no complaining, great sex , no questions, never late, no lies, no excuses just 10 wonderful nights a month, if all marriages were this simply there wouldn't be the thousands of married and divorced middle aged men roaming the MPs of San Jose searching for love.

  7. jerry/key west says:

    spot on dave..if we had cr..chicas here in u.s.a..the divorce rate would..drop to 0…its power and control……you run your life…or some big mouth ..american girl..with more miles… than a fucking taxi… runs it…the small amount of ,, of money.. the girls, want in c.r. is the best dope deal ..a hippy can only dream of…he he he !!!!

  8. Dave makes a good point. Be clear up front with the chica that its a fun relationship and not a rommance, and you dont have to ever fall into the girlfriend trap.