Meet the New Blog, Same as the Old Blog…

Well, not exactly. Expatcostarica and I (NoCalRefugee) have split into two separate blogs. Nocalcostarica will be my writings and Expatcostarica will be on the old site. The reasons behind this are so esoteric and boring I won’t bother you with it. At any rate, I hope you’ll bookmark this page and come see what I’m up to, what my latest enthusiasm or whine is.

The new name of the blog refers to the fact that I was raised (to age 9) in San Jose, California, and now here I am in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I’ll be talking about the same sorts of things I talked about before. One upcoming post will be about the San Jose to Heredia train, which I took a while back and enjoyed quite a bit. There is also some potentially interesting stuff going on in the alternative energy area that I have some inside knowledge of, and when the time comes I’ll spill the beans. All very hush hush at the moment.

I’ll be posting more video and stills as well as perhaps a little audio just to see if it works. For now, I am going to just embed a nice video I took of a couple of bartenders I know who did some belly dancing at the NY Bar a few weeks ago. By the way, the dancer on the left is Natasha, not Natalia as I put in the video. Forgive me, Natasha!

Stay tuned for more stuff soon!

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  1. Tell the truth, you didn't want my boring technology articles in such proximity to your stuff, which is far more interesting. You even keep the theme!