Top Tier Girls/Del Rey Barbies

We’ll take a short break from the stories to talk about a few things. To start off, let’s discuss girls. Seems like a logical place to start, no?

If you are like most men, you probably focus first on appearance. There are web sites with plenty of pictures of the working girls here and I suspect most if not all readers know a few. I’m not going to spend a lot of time telling you what they look like, but give some information and opinions I hope will be useful.

First off we’ll talk about the top tier girls. By ‘top tier’ I don’t mean that they are necessarily any good in the sack, but that the way they look, maybe combined with some salesmanship and/or work ethic, put them in the highest income bracket. A fair number of these girls are from Colombia, and came to Costa Rica because the pay scale is higher here than back home. Word has it that some are, shall we say, ‘under supervision’ by those who financed their trip here. I have no personal knowledge of this, but others have told me this and it makes sense. There is a lot of silicon to be found among these girls, both top and bottom, and it’s not unreasonable to believe that most of the operations were paid for by somebody other than the girl herself. Surgery isn’t all that expensive to a North American mind set, but to the average Latina it’s out of reach. If not a ‘sponsor’ perhaps a guy who thinks he’s her boyfriend (novio).

The ‘top tier’ girls have a reputation for being pretty mercenary, and in most cases the reputation is well deserved. They aren’t working for the fun of it. It’s a cliche but truly “it’s all about the money.” If you spend a little time outside in the gulch near the parking lots around the Del Rey you can see girls driving up in some very nice cars, nicer than anything I ever drove in most cases.

Some may have actually earned enough to buy the cars by themselves, but in a lot of cases they got their posh rides by playing the ‘girlfriend’ game. Some have local sugar daddies, but most have latched on to a sucker from up north and played him like a Wal-Mart guitar. The number of guys who fall for this game is astounding to those of us who live here but if I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it… well, too often. But you can’t wise these guys up most of the time. Clinging to their fantasy is what it’s all about and they will get quite upset if you ‘truth’ them.

I know girls who have gotten cars, expensive vacations, and even houses, not to mention cash from some moron who thinks he has a beautiful girlfriend who is in love with him down in Costa Rica, all the while she is continuing to hook. The truly money loving can never have enough, not to mention some of them who are addicted to the party lifestyle and aren’t about to sit at home watching television every night no matter how much the ‘boyfriend’ up north sends her.

Although ‘top tier girls’ make a lot of money, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are any good ‘behind closed doors.’ A friend of mine has a very rich older friend who offered to pay for a session for for my friend with a girl some guys call ‘Del Rey Barbie.’ At the time she was the prototypical top tier girl: silicon everywhere, flat stomach, pretty face and nose in the air. My friend later told me she was ‘the worst f*** of his life.’ She had all these rules… Don’t touch me here, here or here, don’t mess up my hair, I don’t do this, I don’t do that… get your business done and let me go sucker somebody else.

All top tier girls aren’t bad performers but it’s definitely a case of ‘let the buyer beware.’ Just because you are paying top dollar doesn’t mean she’ll perform accordingly. If you want to avoid an expensive mistake, you really need to pay a lot of attention to her attitude, don’t just drool over how fine she looks, try to get past that and ask yourself if there is any real enthusiasm on her part towards you (and not just the money you are going to pay her). It’s also a good idea to take the time to ask her what she does, and what she doesn’t do before you agree to spend your hard earned (or hard inherited) money on her.

Most of the ‘top tier’ girls will ask at least $100 for an hour. Some will come down a little, others won’t budge and others will ask even more than $100. Personally, if the girl won’t budge off her asking price even a little, it’s a good sign she’s not all that enthused about doing you, or maybe even never enthused about her work.

One last thing to realize is that these girls have egos and are subject to peer pressure. NEVER try to bargain with a girl when she’s with other girls. She might accept $60 to go with you if the other girls don’t know she took less than her asking price, but would never come down on price in front of her peers.

But especially in dealing with the top tier girls, remember the famous words of many who came before me, no pun intended: Your Mileage May Vary.

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  1. " Some have local sugar daddies, but most have latched on to a sucker from up north and played him like a Wal-Mart guitar. The number of guys who fall for this game is astounding to those of us who live here but if I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it… well, too often. But you can’t wise these guys up most of the time. Clinging to their fantasy is what it’s all about and they will get quite upset if you ‘truth’ them. "

    Very true – and what astounds me is that most of the guys in question are real sharp, financially sucesssful, with it, and "get it" regarding other parts of their lives – and that their ego's are that big.

    They honestly believe that a goregous, hot young latina is truly attracted to their BO, beer belly, yellow horned toenails sticking out of their smelly sandals, old, disgusting body – not all, of course, but a good many fall into this category. (In fact, so do a lot of other visitors, but that's another post!)

  2. Thanks Tom, that was some good info.

  3. On my first three visits to CR I tried hard to get a novia (girlfriend). I did all the gringo stuff like meeting a lady there, taking them to the mall, buying dinner, going to movies and the like. I had even brought clothes, food for their homes and toys for their children. Trying to be sincere. All of this is a watse of tiempo & dinero. After my genorasity I was forgotten until I came down again. Now when I go to CR its strictly business. My advice to USA gringos is you cant have a lady friend unless you live there. So go there have a nice time and remember that these girls are working. Not all of the ladies will treat you like a trick but in reality thats what we are. So when you are there have a nice time and forget about finding a novia.

  4. Gucci or K Mart ? I get my gfe, my compania, orgies, lesbian show, or what I want. And it can be yours, if the price is right. Time or money, what ya got?

  5. You guys that live down there have a big advantage over us guys that make 3 five night trips a year. Yeah sometimes we act stupid over these chicas(myself included) and shall we say "try too hard" A guy in the US working all the time and making good money, comes down "falls in love" It is an easy thing to do. We can be "suckers" but the enviroment that we live in makes us this way.

    • traveling says:

      Right on Hank … Live the dream …if it makes you happy… and all things considered…dollars and cents wise you feel as though its worth whatever price tag … their is overpaying based on established market pricing … and then there is overpaying based on what it means to you and the value you personally get out of it. It's easy for one on the outside to believe someone is being played the sucker…and in most cases they are…but in quite a few cases…only the individual really knows.

      Enjoy the hell out of it …but by all means don't take a princess and give her a queens treatment. …. you stepped out of the USA and into a Costa Rican fantasy land … while in fantasy land … do the fantasy … ride all the rides … but when you leave fantasy land…and come back through immagration….shut the gate behind you… but by all means if you choose…keep a set of keys for your return. But we all need to be smart in the understanding that there is a need to compartmentalize …. and we only complicate it and put ourselves in a "susceptible" position when we try to meld them together…just my 2 cents

      • traveling says:

        Almost anything in this world can be accomplished…including finding a novia in a far away land, but again … it is at what personal cost …mentally, physically, emotionally and of course financially.

        We all pack in our bags for our trip abroad "common sense", but for some reason we leave it locked in our luggage for the duration of the stay. Sometimes its not what you want to take to fantasy land and have it be the kill joy to all the excitement, but in the whole scheme of things just exercising a little bit of it will invariably steer us clear of impending drama

  6. Right on Hank, live the dream while you can. I do, as much as I can. RRS