High Volume Rojo Girls

Like every business, the Rojo has some workers that are just better at their jobs than others. And I’m not only talking about performance here, although that is part of the equation. I’ll give you some examples.

Maybe the best example of a girl who ‘gets it’ would be Paola. Almost all of the girls in the place dress more provocatively than you would find in an average bar, but Paola cranks it up another two notches. Some girls will wear short skirts. Paola wears no skirt at all, just panties below. She’s fond of stockings and garter belts, and fond of glittering material and lace. She also had (before her last baby) a fantastic body, solid, flat stomach and ample top and bottom. She’s a bit thicker now but still solid. She wears her hair long and dyes it blonde. She wears plenty of makeup but not so much as to scare you… well not enough to scare me at least. To my friend Robbie, she’s a little over the top, but judging by the amount of customers she does, his view is a minority one.

Unlike many of the girls in the Rojo, Paola doesn’t hide in some dark corner all night. She will walk around, strutting her wares, if nobody comes to seek her out. I have seen her come out of the back after being with a customer many times, and not get farther than 10 paces from the door before another guy will grab her hand and drag her back to one of the rooms in back.

I watched her for quite a while before finally pulling the trigger. It was Chuck who first decided to give her a whirl, and his review was enough to convince me to let her ply her charms on me. She was professional, but in a the best sense of the word. She did her best to make my time with her enjoyable. She wasn’t like a girlfriend exactly, but she gave me the feeling that she enjoyed being with me and wanted me to have the best time possible. She is good at her job both in marketing and performance.

Another girl who knew how to market herself was one Robbie named ‘the machine.’ Her marketing strategy was to recline in a chair facing the bar wearing nothing more than her underwear, with her legs apart. She was young, still nineteen, and had a solid body (no kids) and a nice rack, as the boys say. Her face had a little too much jaw but it wasn’t a deal breaker. She would also walk around the Rojo swinging her hips when she wasn’t getting any action just sitting with her legs open. On a good night, just in the few hours I was there, I would often see her go back with customers three or even four times, and usually come out well before the allotted half hour was up.

Robbie decided to give her a spin one night, and reported that she was ‘okay.’ He liked her body, but her enthusiasm wasn’t impressive, he said. In her case, the marketing was better than the product. But for a young and randy Tico, she was just what was needed to scratch the itch.

We saw her come and go (literally and figuratively) over a period of a couple of years. Then one night when I was out girl watching in the Del Rey, I saw a girl whom I thought I knew from somewhere. I called her over to the table and asked her her name. Sure enough, it was ‘the machine.’ She had moved up in class, and she said she liked it better, because she made more money. She even had the Del Rey sell job down pretty well by then, but I passed. If I wasn’t interested at $20, I definitely wasn’t interested at $100. My lack of interest didn’t phase her, though. She just smiled and went back parading. You can’t market yourself if your feelings get hurt too easily. ‘The machine’ had a healthy ego and made money because of that fact more than anything else she had going. I had to admire her for that.

Business is business.

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