Key Largo Nights

I’ve spent many a night in the Key Largo, more than the Del Rey. Likewise, I have found love by the hour in the Key Largo much more often than I have in the Del Rey, though most girls who work one work the other as well. No reason why not, unless they are too young to cross the street or too old. I avoid both extremes, and I suggest you do the same. But I digress…

The Del Rey and Key Largo are both owned by the same people, and as I just mentioned, most of the girls who work nights bounce between the two (not all). But the ambiance of the Key Largo is very different than the Del Rey. The Key Largo feels like a nice dance club. You don’t need much imagination to pretend those lovely (and sometimes not so lovely) girls are there, and the reason they are eyeballing you is because you are so DARNED HANDSOME!

The lighting is soft, and the music not so soft, but isn’t that how a dance club is supposed to be? Every night of the week there will be a nearly-live band there. I say nearly live because most of the music is pre-programmed into the keyboard’s microprocessor. But the singing, dancing and percussion are live, and who really cares about the music anyway? It sounds professional and most important of all, the girls seem to love it to death!

There is more than one type of entertainment going on in the Key Largo, every night. Near the bottom of my list is actually listening to the band. Since almost all of them seem to share the same keyboard programs, every band plays pretty much the same songs. I have been there hundreds of times, and I have heard certain songs almost every single night. It reminds me of the days when I was a musician and you’d have to play ‘Cocaine’ or listen to people shout it out all night. (or ‘Free Bird,’ which we avoided by playing ‘Cocaine’)

A more appealing form of entertainment for me is simple girl watching. There’s actually an art to it if you don’t want to be approached by every girl in the place, and that gets very tiresome, as those who have been there well know. And one of the more interesting things to watch are the girls dancing. Most of them know how to dance and love to show off their skills. Oh, and maybe entice a customer.

Another fun thing is to watch the Gringos dancing, or trying to. There is a French proverb: Love teaches even asses to dance. Boy howdy I’ll say! Not that these guys are asses for dancing with those hot Latinas, but a lot of them sure look like they have never been on a dance floor before in their lives, let alone tried to dance the Cumbia/Tico Swing. (I have some secret advice… learn what a Meringue sounds like and try that, it’s the easiest of the dances and you get to touch your partner)

If you have a lot more money than you need, you can buy drinks for the bartenders and even coacse them into dancing on the bar, and letting you put $20 bills in their skirts. If you don’t have more money than you need, you’ll find cheaper and more satisfying company on the other side of the bar. By the way, the bartenders get 10% of whatever you spend, plus bonuses if they can get you to buy a bottle of champagne. Strangely enough, they all seem to prefer the most expensive drinks served in the place, what a shocker!)

If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you really NEED to check it out. I mean, REALLY!

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  1. Does the CostaRica travel handbook also come with dance lessons. 😉

    • You would think a roadmap to the action and an illustrated video would be enough.

      Actually there is some talk of including a Spanish phrase book in next year's edition. Perhaps we should look into a special salsa dance video. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up Tom, on the music. Personally I could never stand any of the central American cumbia styles, but you learn to block it out even if it’s cranked up. Any ways one is watching the girls anyhow right?

  3. rasool says:

    Augie.. I thought I was the only person who couldnt stand that music or dance.. Its easy to block out the music by checking out the Ticas

  4. Biggeratl says:

    Yeah I’ve been one of those gringos making an ass of himself shacking that ass on the floor after a large consumption of alcohol.

  5. Dance lessons will be part of the next edition, but till then, wait for a slow song and grab anybody who appeals to you. But really nobody cares what you look like. I just mention it because I have spent so much time there I am a little blase about girl watching. It's still fun, but not like it was when I first moved here.

  6. i take dance lessons these days to become an expert in samba and rumba ::

  7. Key largo is one of my faves. Though I have to say I developed my relationships carefully with the women in CR. I go home with them for free, mainly the bartenders. My pay as you go days expired after my first few trips to CR 10 yrs ago. Great information though, good to hear of similar experiences.