The Day San Jose Stood Still

On an ordinary day, the city of San Jose, Costa Rica bustles with people going about their daily business.

But Friday, April 2, 2010 was no ordinary day. It was…

“The Day San Jose Stood Still”

Something was terribly amiss in San Jose. Streets that teemed with traffic were empty. The people who normally filled the sidewalks to overflowing were nowhere to be seen.

What happened to the noise and bustle?

No doubt about it, something WAS terribly amiss. The question remained. What was the cause of this desolation?

It hit me like a fully loaded tour bus rounding a blind corner. It was Semana Santa. Holy week. The Friday before Easter Sunday. The locals had all left town for the holidays.

The city dwellers loved their yearly vacations at the beach.

Those of us who stayed in San Jose we enjoyed a vacation as well, however didn’t have to wait in traffic to escape the noise and bustle of the city.

In fact as you can see the weekend was as tranquil as ever in San Jose. When you are retired every day is a vacation, so I’ll see you in a few weeks for my “Semana Santa” in Jaco. Hopefully everyone else will be back in San Jose.

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  1. crystal says:

    Cute! … I enjoyed your video…:)
    There is an strange feeling of being in a city when no one is around. I also agree with those who “lay-low” during the most important time of the year. For people of faith, it’s to take a break, but because of the true meaning of “Holy Week.” In Remembrance of He who gave His life so we could be free to enjoy ourselves at the beach. He overcame death so we could walk in the light..
    He is Jesus….Happy Resurrection Sunday, Vaya Con Dios…

  2. A few years ago a friend got me a great deal on a condo in San Jose (half price) what a deal I couldn’t pass it up. So there I had it plush condo,food,booze,jacuzzi,all set for fun in the city only one problem the city was empty and I was all alone in my jacuzzi – IT WAS HOLY WEEK- well I learn to check out those “good Deals”.

  3. I think the mass exodus to SJ was on Saturday, things were pretty quiet here on Sunday in Jaco. The coast is clear if you want to come on down. Maybe we can meet?

  4. tangney says:

    very funny…nice way to start my morning

  5. Love your phrasing. Must have been pretty weird, worse than an empty theater.

    I give you two awards, one for script, and one for editing. (titles were not so hot).

  6. very clever and funny; good job of capturing Good Friday in the capital during Semana Santa. I went with a friend to the mountains in Guanacaste on Thursday and Friday and on Friday night we drove over to Playas del Coco to see the crowds – indeed Playas del Coco on this Friday night was a site to behold and I can only imagine what it would have been had alcohol sales been taking place!

  7. Yes, it was so weird, but delightful..

    Thanks so much!!

    I can remember it and show my family and friends.

  8. todd holladay says:

    Well done..had a touch of the guy from the twilight zone