Miss Costa Rica, 2010

'The Donald' - Master of the (miss) Universe (pageant)

Unbeknown to all the Gringos I met last night while I was out carousing, the Miss Costa Rica (Universe) pageant was happening. How they neglected to select me as a judge will remain a mystery to everyone, but the show must go on, and go on it did.

I did a little research on the Miss Universe organization, and was reminded of the fact that ‘Miss Universe’ is under Donald Trumps giant umbrella. It’s a very big umbrella, only exceeded by his ego.

I am not going to put the link here, because I don’t care to contribute in any way to his ‘enterprises.’ But if you ‘google’ ‘Miss Universe’ you will get to see a giant set of advertisements and testimonials to his greatness and his assorted business. Oh, and some pictures of beautiful women too.

I haven’t watched a beauty contest in years, though it’s not because I don’t like to look at beautiful women. I do. And I think most people do, both men and women. But the pageants… just too lame for my taste. I feel the same about American Idol. I like music, but I would prefer to listen to it than watch some dog and pony show that pretends to be about music but is really about MARKETING and CORPORATE PROFIT.

Others object to beauty pageants, saying they set a certain standard that is unreachable for almost all women, and sends the message that women are only as good as they look. Nevertheless, the beauty pageant lives on, and we had one right here in Costa Rica on Friday night, April 16.

The winner was one Marva Wright, a 24 year old physical therapy student. She was tied with the 1st runner up, Jasmin Zuniga, and won with the following statement in answer to a question about money:

Money provides us many benefits and helps us meet our needs and to help others, but money can never buy love. That comes from within ourselves

Who says original thinking is dead?

Marva Wright sings too!

Now Marva will get to participate in the Miss Universe pageant in Viet Nam (!) in November of this year. And to think, I tried so HARD to avoid going to Viet Nam back in the day… now THIS!

Miss Costa Rica has never won a Miss Universe contest, but two Miss Costa Ricas have won Miss International contests: Lorna Chavez won Miss International in 1981 and Gidget Sandoval Herrera won the same title in 1983. So I think the country is OVERDUE, no?

At any rate, Ms. Wright got around $40,000 and a Toyota Yaris. I’m going to pay more attention to Yaris when I see them from now on. I did a search for a picture of Marva Wright, and this is the only one I could come up with. She looks a lot different in the video.

And just for grins, I have added a famous video of Miss Teen South Carolina, telling us why a staggering 20% of Americans can’t find the United States of America on a map. And I bet she STILL has a date for the prom.

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  1. A thinly veiled point in the article is that these pageants are still a massive commercial advertising venture of the legacy media. It’s nearly impossible to find a photo that’s available for free use, and it’s challenge we deal with every day as bloggers.

    At least being in Costa Rica many of the topics we write about are things we can photograph or grab video in our backyard.

  2. Ed Devlin III says:

    Marva Wright is one of my favorite old school R&B singers, and perverse as I am, find her strangely sexy when she's singing–she may be a big woman but she sure moves that thing. Doubtless Senor Blogmaster knows her talents and was just, as the Brits say, "having us on."

  3. nocalrefugee says:

    Yes Ed, I was 'having you on.' I put a little levity in there to lighten up the heavy seriousness of the Miss Costa Rica (Trump) pageant.

  4. I loved Miss Teen south Carolina's answer.