Hell Week in San Jose

I'M heading for the BEACH!!

Everybody’s had weeks from Hell. The thing about living in San Jose is that you KNOW when they are coming. Well, maybe not EVERY week from Hell, but at least two. One is the Christmas thru New Years week. The other scheduled week from Hell is Semana Santa, or Easter week in English.

This year was my 6th, I believe. I have lost count. It’s hard to remember things that are totally unmemorable, you know? Here’s the deal: Semana Santa is the biggest holiday in the country, at least as far as its impact on single male gringos. It’s a sort of double whammy… for one thing, from midnight Wednesday to midnight Friday, no alcohol can be sold. This isn’t that big of a deal to me by itself. I can go 48 hours without a drink. I’m not an alcoholic yet. I have to save something for my golden years, you know? And really, even the most confirmed drunk can plan ahead and buy a couple of gallons of guaro or rum to tide him over the 2 days. But… the horrible thing is… the BARS ALL CLOSE! Sure, you can sit in the Del Rey and order a coke or an orange juice, and fill it with vodka out of your water bottle, but for all the fun you’ll have you might as well be up in your room (or apartment in my case) with a bottle. Which brings us to item 2: San Jose is a GHOST TOWN during Semana Santa.

To begin with, all the government offices shut down, as do banks. This results in a lot of people having several days off in a row. Does this remind you of anything in the USA, such as Memorial Day or Labor Day? Well, combine those two, add in closed bars and no alcohol sales. The popular thing to do for the locals here is to take the yearly vacation during Semana Santa, and go to the beach, or some other vacation spot.

The Pink Hotel

What we end up with is a vicious circle as far as the single male in San Jose (or anywhere, actually) is concerned. The potential clients stay away because the bars are closed and almost no girls show up. No girls show up because there are so few potential clients. Add to that that the buses almost stop running, and why pay for taxis if your chances of landing a nice fat payday are close to zero? So what girls left in town who couldn’t afford going to the beach just stay home, maybe spend a little quality time with their 5 kids, mother, 6 brothers and sisters, their kids, ad infinitum in the friendly confines of somebody’s house somewhere on the outskirts of town.

After 5 years of Semana Santas, I don’t really find them daunting at all.

Una diabla... a she devil!

As far as female companionship goes, I get plenty of calls right before the holidays start from girls who are trying to get together bus fare for the family to go impose on Tia Augusta in Puntarenas for the holidays. So up until Wednesday there’s no problem. Beyond that, those who can’t get out of town are more than happy to come visit. I have a drawer full of phone numbers, some of which are still working, or I can just wait until they call me, which is as certain as the sun rising in the east. It costs a little extra because I may have to pay for a taxi from and back to Desamparados, but it’ll still cost me a lot less than a night hunting in the Del Rey.

Bottom line is, those who live here and know what’s coming can actually enjoy the tranquility. It’s rather nice to walk around and not be in constant fear of being run over (by a vehicle or other pedestrians). Every cloud has a silver lining!

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  1. They make you take a vacation from mongering 2 weeks a year. Give your organs a break. No pura vida? There’s some small violins being played by your fellow mongerers back in the states on our 50 week vacations from mongering. RRS

  2. I wasn't really complaining. I only call it Hell Week to get people's attention. It worked!

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