Guns ‘N Roses… The Concert that Wasn’t

Let me start by quoting myself:

While local fans are awaiting Guns ‘N Roses and their scheduled show April 9 (tonight, as I write this)

I didn’t emphasize ‘scheduled’ in my original quote I admit, but I should have. From the beginning, there was doubt about whether the concert would actually take place. Accounts had singer Axl Rose (born William Bailey) at first denying, then days later confirming the Costa Rica concert. Local fans were either a little skeptical, or not quite as enthused about seeing the current version of Guns ‘N Roses as they were to see Metallica. Metallica fans were camped out in front of the stadium as early as 19 days before the concert. GNR fans seemed to be taking a more ‘wait and see’ attitude. Singer Axl Rose has a reputation of doing as he pleases. One of the things he seems to prefer is not performing before 11 pm. The show was authorized to go from 2 pm to midnight. Word had it that Rose and the group were planning to start playing at 11:15 pm.

By mid day, there were rumors of a dispute between the band’s technicians and those in charge of the local production. By 2 in the afternoon, the concert was officially canceled. But before you go jumping to any wild conclusions, please don’t assume that the word was quickly disseminated. I was busy typing away on yesterday’s post about Rock in Costa Rica when I got an instant message telling me that the online version of La Nacion had announced the cancellation of the concert. I’m guessing this was between 3 and 4 pm. I wasn’t aware that two of my three roommates (the other is a 5 month old baby) had tickets and were going to go see the show (they thought). I noticed the that Myley (not her real name!) was all dolled up. I asked her where she was going. When she told me, I told her that I heard that the concert had been canceled. She turned on the TV to the local channels, but there was no announcement. My other roomie turned on the radio to a local rock station, but likewise, no word.

I finally brought up the online version of La Nacion and showed her the story. Since Spanish is her native language, she understood the article much better than I did, but it turns out that indeed the show had been canceled. The reason given was that one side of the stage had collapsed under the weight of a GNR’s big screen television. If there are photos of the collapsed stage, I have not been able to find one. The promoter, when questioned, did not confirm this, he simply said that the decision was not made by the Ministry of Health or the Police. Glad he cleared that up.

In theory, the concert has been rescheduled for Tuesday in the Liga de Alajuela soccer stadium in Alajuela. Some fans are skeptical and demanding their money back. Others came in from out of town and were unable to stay the extra days and wait, or perhaps not able to get the time off from work, or whatever. In any case, we’ll see how this all turns out, and I’ll let y’all know. Trust me. Would I flake on you? Do I look like Axl Rose?

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  1. Guess this is my second chance if I'm ever going to see them in concert!!
    Great story!

  2. Jim Lynch says:

    The rumor I hear is that the Beatles are planning a reunion concert to be held in the new soccer stadium, just as soon as it is finished, although the performance will be entirely in Chinese.

  3. Teri, I wouldn't make plans just yet. Rumors are going around that the Alajuela concert isn't really going to happen, and at the least nothing is confirmed. According to a 'tweet' from Axl Rose himself: "No word on if there'll b a makeup 4 Costa Rica. Though we'd obviously rather have a had a fun show we're more than thankful the very real n' serious staging problems were discovered b4 hand n' no one was hurt. We're lookin' at gettin' bk 2 a place or 2 in SA asap. Hope everyone enjoyed the shows. Big thanks 2 everyone who came out n' supported us!! "

    That doesn't sound totally fersure to me.

  4. The latest article to come out of La Nacion online was 7pm on Saturday night, and the headline is says "Uncertain" with respect to the new concert. The ministry of health has been contacted by the press, and they are willing to move fast, however the production company hasn't done much yet.

  5. Kind of like having a date with a local tica, your all excited to see her but in the back of your mind you know she's not going to show, she said 1pm but you know it won't be till 2pm, so you wait till 2pm and she doesn't show, Yes I know just how those Gun's N Roes's fan's feel.

  6. Accoridng to Al Dia the facbook page of the band showed the following comment.

    "The previously announced rescheduled show in Costa Rica at La Guácima will unfortunately not happen".