Caja Suspends Breast Implant Surgeries

Barbie Girl Mannequins

The Costa Rican Social Insurance (CCSS, or ‘Caja’) has suspended breast implant surgeries for mastectomy patients after receiving a warning that the prosthetic implants from their current supplier may be defective.

The warning came from the Agency for Health Safety of Products for Health (France, AFSSAPS, by its French acronym). Investigations of ‘Poly Implant Prosthese’ (PIP) determined that some of their prostheses tend to break easily.

The ‘ban’ applies only to the Caja, Costa Rica’s public health system. Private medical services will continue or not continue to perform the procedures as they see fit. It should be pointed out that private providers do not necessarily use the same brand as the Caja. Nor do they necessarily use a more durable product. Caveat emptor, as the man says.

It’s no secret that Costa Rica is a big medical tourism destination. Do a search (Google, for example) on ‘medical tourism’ or ‘breast implant’ and you will get page after page of medical providers all eager to perform this service. I am personally not interested in augmenting my breasts, more interested in finding out how many procedures are performed each year, but the sheer volume of websites caused me to totally give up.

On the other hand, the sheer number of advertisements is telling. Equally telling is a walk around San Jose. Cosmetic surgery is not for Gringos alone! No, no, amigos y amigas!

The local ladies have gone for surgical enhancements in a BIG way. And from what I’ve seen, when they run out of breasts, they still have two good buttocks to enhance. The results can be quite strange, at least to my eyes.

One of the odd things I have noticed as I meander around town are the mannequins. Fast disappearing are the B cups of yesteryear, and their shapes have undergone a pretty radical change. It’s pure speculation on my part, but I am guessing that enhanced breasts have become so common that clothing manufacturers, and even mannequin makers have had to take it into account.

I suppose it’s up to each individual to decide how far he or she wants to go to (theoretically) ‘look better.’ Way back in the 1920s and 1930s, when my mother was a teenager, flat chested was IN, as were short hair and short (for the first time in living memory) skirts. Even as late as the 1960s we had Twiggy held up as the height of fashion.

Fashions change, or they wouldn’t be fashions. So now it’s not only socially acceptable to get pierced, tattooed and enhanced, it seems like it’s almost a requirement to be among the ‘in’ crowd. I’m sure I show my age by even using the term ‘in crowd.’

Still, I guess it’s another sign of age that I don’t wholly approve of all the new-fangled fashions. I just wonder about the wisdom of putting yourself under the knife for the sake of vanity. I’m not talking about breast replacement after a mastectomy here. Surgery of any kind is dangerous, but

putting a poison in your body in order to look (theoretically) sexier just seems like a bad idea to me.

I won’t be around to see it, but I really wonder if all the young tattooed ladies have any idea what those tattoos are going to look like in 30 or 40 years. But that’s the beauty of youth, I suppose. You can’t imagine getting older.

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  1. Which then engenders the question,where can I buy a fully enhanced inflatable mannequine?

  2. tsk, tsk, Mario…

  3. breat implants that are internally filled with saline solution are much safer compared to those silicone oil based type”;.

  4. i personally do not think that breast implants are necessary but if a woman wants a better breast then it is her own decision “

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