Looking Backward – Through Tinted Windows

Tinted Rear Window... a NO NO in Costa Rica

I suppose some people are getting sick and tired of all these posts on the new traffic and immigration laws. I humbly apologize. But golly! What can I do when the government keeps serving up this stuff on a silver platter? It’s like I’m in the batter’s box, facing Randy Johnson on the mound, and Randy decides to just lob one to me underhand, right over the middle of the plate. You don’t expect me to just stand there and not swing, do you?

I took a taxi ride yesterday and saw the good side of the new law. The driver actually stopped at a stoplight and waited, rather than just turning onto a one way street where there was no traffic coming. He mentioned the new law. Well there you go, positive results from the new laws. I suspect he was unaware that as he was following the new law, the new points system was being thrown out by the Legislature. He was just being prudent. After all, they might just put the system back in tomorrow. The great sage Yogi Berra once said “It ain’t over till it’s over.” If he lived here, he might change that to “It ain’t over, EVER.”

Days like these I wish I had an expert on Costa Rican government handy to ‘splain all this to me. in my feeble attempt to describe the legislative process I stated/implied that a law required a presidential and ministerial signature to go into effect. Well, it seems that after a law goes into effect, the legislature can still tinker with the bill. In this case, they did away with the points system, for now. It may come back in some modified form, or who knows?

I wonder if there's a swimming pool inside?

As of this writing, March 3, 2010, we have already seen lots of waffling and controversy about the law that went into effect on March 1st. One spokesman says that there will be warnings issued instead of tickets at first, and another says, no, the law will be strictly enforced. Whom are we supposed to believe? I say we believe them both, just to be on the safe side.

And this brings us, FINALLY, to our main topic: The dreaded… TINTED WINDOWS! Before we rush to conclusions, let me state emphatically that NOT ALL TINTED WINDOWS ARE BAD. No, we are talking about tinted REAR windows here, punishable by a fine of around $200. If we still had the beloved points system, I believe it would also have cost 15 points, or a bit less than 1/3 of the way to having your license suspended. Ah, those were the good old days day.

Once again I regret not having a Costa Rican law expert here, to explain to me how many times a person can be ticketed for having tinted windows. Maybe all the car owners in Costa Rica were already aware of their transgression in having tinted rear windows, but didn’t have time (or the money) to have their rear windows replaced before the new law went into effect. So the poor motorist gets stopped and given a $200 citation. Bummer. So he calls up a local auto glass place, and gets an appointment for next week. He naturally wanted to do it right away but there is suddenly a very large group of people who need their rear windows replaced. So he parks his car in the garage, and when the day comes, off he drives to get the offensive window replaced. A by-the-book transit cop sees him, and pulls him over. Will he get another ticket? I suspect not, actually. The one good thing about fuzzy law is that it does allow for a bit of humanity in decisions, a little discretion of the human kind.

I do have sympathy for the limousine people. This seems discriminatory against them, at least to me. A limousine without tinted windows? Say what? For heaven’s sake, who wants other people looking inside their limousines? Not me! If I had one, that is. Kinda limits the fun you can have inside, doesn’t it, when just ANYBODY can see inside?

But really, the thing I regret the most is not owning an auto glass shop. The new law is a GOLD MINE! Unless they change it. Stay tuned!

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  1. Un-tinting most rear windows is just a matter of lifting the tinted film at one corner and pulling it free of the glue holding it to the window. Cleaning off the glue is a little more difficult, but…for free?!

  2. No. Cal. Refugee says:

    Martin, thank you for pointing that out to me. Obviously I know nothing about tinted windows other than they can get you fined. I take back my comment about wanting to own an auto glass shop, though owning anything at all would be a step in the right direction for me.

    But I STILL feel sorry for Limo passengers losing their privacy.

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