Zipping Through Costa Rica Jungle

Experts on the rainforest such as I (not really) agree that there is more going on in the trees than on the jungle floor. And that was BEFORE zip lines were invented! If you’re looking for something a little different than an afternoon at the mall, may I suggest a trip across the top of the forest? A zip line tour?

You may remember Tarzan, the Edgar Rice Burroughs character who swung through the trees on vines? How about George of the Jungle? Well, whether you remember them or not, you too can enjoy the sensation of zipping through the jungle trees with the greatest of ease, firmly (we hope) attached to a cable.

After some basic safety instruction, you’ll put on a harness with a caribiner with a wheel attached that allows you to slide down the cables. The height can vary from a few dozen feet to maybe a hundred. Some tours boast many lines, others not so many. Some have a minimum age requirement, others others aren’t so fussy.

Zip-lining isn’t all that demanding physically, and most anyone in even fair health can enjoy it. If you are rather large, you may want to check with the specific tour operator to be sure they can accommodate you. Generally, though, even someone the size of a professional wrestler can participate.

Be sure to wear appropriate clothing. Leave the sandals and shorts at home and wear long pants and sensible shoes. No spike heels, ladies (or gentleman, for that matter). Depending on where the tour is located and the time of year, you may want to be prepared for cooler temperatures, mist and possibly rain. A light windbreaker or sweatshirt could come in handy in the cloud forest. You may want to bring insect repellent and sun block.

As of this writing costs seem to vary from around $50 up to over $100. Tours can be found in many parts of the country, from the cloud forest of Monteverde to the coastal area of Manuel Antonio, to Guanacaste or the Arenal Volcano.

For more information, you can just Google ‘zip line costa rica’ and nose around. Hasta luego!

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