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Clyde Cover ACX

Clyde Goes Audible

It was a LOT of work but it's finally done and available for your listening pleasure. What am I talking about? Why, nothing else but "Clueless Clyde (1), the Saga(?) Begins" With Christmas season … [Read More...]


Family Value$

It has been said and written countless times that "the FAMILY" is more important in Latin cultures than Anglo cultures. That statement is a bit vague, but I would have to say that it is generally true. Families tend to be larger and more likely to be be living close to each other, often enough several generations living together. It's impossible to say … [Read More...]


The “Pros” of PROStitution

I'll start right out by saying it should not be a crime. And it isn't, in a lot of countries. But what I want to talk about isn't the case for legalizing prostitution. It's been done and is being done as I write by others with much more skin in the game (so to speak) than I will ever have. Rather, I am going to talk about the benefits to those directly … [Read More...]


Audio Books – Dances with Prostitutes and Clueless Clyde

I've done youtube promos for a few of my books, and the idea occurred to me that it might be worth making an audio book out of the books. I began with "Dances with Prostitutes Costa Rica Style" because I thought it might have a little popular appeal, and I also had a few chapters done. I have some background in recording and sound engineering, and I had … [Read More...]


The Battle of the Lap Dances

It was just this Saturday night that I was out with a friend from Florida who is a frequent visitor to Costa Rica. The night started out rather strangely. We arranged to meet at a local, low end bar/brothel. Before even entering, we saw a crudely made sign on the wall that said "No gringos. Solo gringos locos." My rough translation left me in some doubt … [Read More...]


An Embarrassment of Riches

Before I moved to Costa Rica, I don't think I could have imagined becoming as blase about having sex available any time I wanted it from more women than I could count, but after nine plus years, I now take for granted this very fact. It takes a trip to somewhere like the Del Rey Hotel to remind me that there are those who spend nearly all their lives … [Read More...]

Lingerie Model

The Model for Magdalena

I know my readers, and they are HOPING that I have the telephone number or email address for the model on the book's cover. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I don't. Instead, I'm going to talk about the real-life person whose life provided the bulk of the material for "Magdalena - A Prostitute's Life in Costa Rica." I did my best in the book to present the … [Read More...]


Thomas Meets Real Life Clueless Clyde

The leading man in the "Clueless Clyde" trilogy is fictional. I have to repeat this once in a while because I get folks who are SURE the book is just disguised autobiography. Well... IT IS NOT! I drew mostly on stories I heard from others, though there are a few things that came from personal experience. But I will repeat one more time: I am not Clyde! … [Read More...]


The MP Go-Round (massage parlor)

This could mean two things. The first is where one of us goes to some massage parlor, doesn't see his heart's desire, and moves on to check out another place. Or two... rinse and repeat. Then there is the merry go-round that the chicas do, which, more often than not, is the cause of the first (monger) MP go-round. Relative newcomers as well as some … [Read More...]