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Still Tango-ing in Costa Rica

Yes, I am gone, but Costa Rica continues without me. Oddly enough. Yes, I left for the fair country of Colombia. Nevertheless, I still hear from that OTHER country up north, my former home, the … [Read More...]

Tale of Two Cities

Forgive me for borrowing the title. I got a message from a reader suggesting that I do a post (or 2) about moving from San Jose, Costa Rica to Medellin, Colombia. Before I get into the how of it, I want to talk a bit about differences. Some things are arguably better in Medellin, other things better in San Jose, and other things simply different. One of … [Read More...]

Lovely, Long-haired Ladies!

Medellin, Colombia, is famous for its beautiful women, among those who pay attention to such things. Guys like you and I, I would say. Obviously, since Medellin is in the real world, not every female in the city is a supermodel. On the other hand, I can't think of anyplace I have been, where there percentage of beautiful women is higher. Perhaps Beverly … [Read More...]

Strip Club Trip Number Two

Strip Club Adventure 2 I have a Colombian friend here who was telling me about a strip club not too far from where I live, where he said the girls were really outstanding. I mentioned the place to a gringo neighbor and he was eager to check it out. I thought it was worth a shot myself, so one Friday night not long ago we hopped into a taxi and headed over … [Read More...]

Strip Club Trip – part 1

The group started out pretty large for the great Medellin Strip Club Extravaganza. On the roster were gringos from all over the United States and one from as far away as Great Britain. Before we got going, I counted nine potential attendees. We arranged to meet at one of the main clubs in Centro at nine. When my subgroup got there, we entered the … [Read More...]

A (Slightly) Different Ballgame

I spent eleven (count 'em) years in San Jose, Costa Rica. In that time I went from barely useful Spanish to pretty functional. I went from a handful to countless hookers. So, my thinking went something like: Moving to another Latin American country will probably be about the same game as what I'm leaving. Well... down here in Colombia it's similar, but there … [Read More...]

Last Tangos in San José

I've been pretty busy this last few months. The big "thing" in my life has been my move from San José, Costa Rica to Medellin, Colombia. Any move is a big deal, even moving from Mom's basement to the garage. Moving to a totally new country where you are less-than-fluent in the language... well... it's a pretty big deal. HOWEVER... I did have time to put … [Read More...]

F**k the Gringo

There have always been clip joint strip clubs in San Jose, and as long as there are suckers, (1 born every minute, they say) there will always be. But back in the day there was a pretty clear difference between the clip joints and the "honest" places. I have never been to any of the clubs that I was warned about, such as Atlantis, Tango India, Hollywood, … [Read More...]

A Valentine to Sex Workers

I have lost count of the # of sex workers I have employed and/or gotten to know. It is to the point that sometimes in a bar or brothel I will see someone and have to ask myself if I have been with her before or not. It's a cliche in books to have one of the characters be a hooker with a heart of gold. And it is ridiculous to say that ALL sex workers are … [Read More...]