My Latest Book

Sexy African Woman in front of Hotel Door

MORE Dances with Prostitutes

What have I been up to lately? Why, writing another book, that's what! As you undoubtedly gathered from the title, the new book is similar to "Dances with Prostitutes - Costa Rica Style." Ther are … [Read More...]


Breaking the Cien ($100) Barrier

I’ve done a fair amount of negotiating with working girls and spent a fair amount of time thinking about it and discussing it with other mongers. Therefore I am going to share the results of my efforts with my esteemed readers. I will begin with the #1 rule, one that is as close to written in stone as I can imagine: NEVER negotiate with a working girl … [Read More...]

Easter Week, Revisited

San Jose isn't quite as dead as it used to be during Holy Week, but it's still pretty dead. Since it's that time of year, I'll repost a video I did that some may enjoy. Don't go to the website at the end, though. It's kaput. Happy Easter, or Passover, or Spring break, whatever you got. If you're interested or would like to help a poor (honestly!) … [Read More...]

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Boots on the Ground Report

I need to get out more! That's the biggest conclusion I take away from an extensive tour I did for a newcomer to San Jose. There were a couple of very pleasant surprises and I got some much-needed exercise. We started out on a Saturday night. My "client" met me in the hobby of the Del Rey Hotel. He was staying close by and had already employed one of the … [Read More...]


The Chica Checklist

I got this list from a friend who titled it "Chica 101." I have modified it only slightly to suite my "style," such as it is. • Always have a plentiful supply of relatives who could be sick This serves a dual purpose. It will give the chica reasons/excuses for lateness, no shows and leaving early. But most of all, reasons to ask for money. This item is … [Read More...]


Rediscovering Costa Rica

"Going in and out of style, but guaranteed to raise a smile..." True of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and true of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no monopoly on great places to vacation or even live, but the country has plenty to offer, its own unique combination of charms, so to speak, a combination hard to find elsewhere. To mention a few alternate … [Read More...]


The Impossible Dream

I use the word "dream" loosely here. I'm not talking about what happens while we're sleeping, but about the "dream" life most of us have in our heads. Not technically a dream but more an idealized life, ambition or whatnot. I think everybody has them, though I haven't asked everybody yet. In my younger days, my dream was to be a very successful … [Read More...]


Yes, I Was an Idiot!

True confessions time. But first, a video. Alright, now for some embarrassing truth. Many years ago, at least 5, probably more, I met Giorgina. She had a pretty face and a bounteous chest. We went through the usual routine of a pay for play date, and we saw a fair amount of each other for a week or two. I finally had to back off because she kept … [Read More...]


Men About Town

A friend came into town last weekend and as usual we got together for a little tour. Some guys head right for the Del Rey when they get here. Others head for Sportsmen's or Zona 2. My friend heads for Calle 6. Now, if you don't know about Calle 6, I suppose I should give a short explanation. If you were to start at Parque Central, you would walk 3 blocks … [Read More...]