My Latest Book

Last Tangos in San José

I've been pretty busy this last few months. The big "thing" in my life has been my move from San José, Costa Rica to Medellin, Colombia. Any move is a big deal, even moving from Mom's basement to the … [Read More...]

The Wh0remonger’s H0me C0mpani0n

I would like to present my latest bestseller. Ok, my latest eBook then. Inside you'll find assorted opinions, tips, observations and information for those interested in 'the hobby,' from those who haven't yet dipped their 'toe' in the water to grizzled veterans. I would fall into the latter category, and even though I dole out advice, I am quite aware … [Read More...]

Screamin’ Maria

In dealing with paid company, you usually don't get an off the charts reaction. But sometimes... well, I submit this video for your entertainment. The picture isn't Maria but to do a video I had to use some sort of picture and I thought this chica looked nice enough. I saw Maria for a couple of months rather regularly. She was nice looking, sweet-natured … [Read More...]

F**k the Gringo

There have always been clip joint strip clubs in San Jose, and as long as there are suckers, (1 born every minute, they say) there will always be. But back in the day there was a pretty clear difference between the clip joints and the "honest" places. I have never been to any of the clubs that I was warned about, such as Atlantis, Tango India, Hollywood, … [Read More...]

A Valentine to Sex Workers

I have lost count of the # of sex workers I have employed and/or gotten to know. It is to the point that sometimes in a bar or brothel I will see someone and have to ask myself if I have been with her before or not. It's a cliche in books to have one of the characters be a hooker with a heart of gold. And it is ridiculous to say that ALL sex workers are … [Read More...]

Zombie Marriages

There's a saying/joke that goes something like: If you put a quarter in a jar every time you have sex before you get married, and take a quarter OUT every time you have sex AFTER you get married, you will NEVER run out of quarters. I never married but I have heard enough complaining from those who have to accept the general point the saying/joke makes. … [Read More...]

The Basics of the Costa Rica “Sex Scene”

Prostitution in Costa Rica is NOT illegal as long as your "partner" is 18 years old, or older. Punishment for being caught with an underage girl is VERY severe and you DEFINITELY would not like to spend years in a prison here. There are many options, which fall into the following categories: On site "massage," pensions and bars: These are the least … [Read More...]

Hallucinations About a Hooker

It was shortly after the crowd had finished ringing in 2015 and had settled back into normal bar-mode. At my table were two working girls. One was the inspiration for my book, "Magdalena - A Prostitute's Life in Costa Rica" and the other a tiny and cute young chica I had met a week or two earlier, who was well on her way to becoming quite drunk, as seemed to … [Read More...]

Lesbian Hookers Parte Dos

Back in the day, when I was a musician, I got to know quite a few lesbians and even played with two in a group I was with for a year. This was back in the mid 70s, and I was WAY ahead of things when I went to the gay wedding (not legally binding but...) of our lesbian singer. I knew her blushing bride and the other group member plus a lot of their friends. … [Read More...]