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Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica

I have FINALLY finished my “Great Costa Rican Novel” after years of struggle, and it is now available in both eBook and hardcopy editions from Amazon. Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa … [Read More...]


Thomas Meets Real Life Clueless Clyde

The leading man in the "Clueless Clyde" trilogy is fictional. I have to repeat this once in a while because I get folks who are SURE the book is just disguised autobiography. Well... IT IS NOT! I drew mostly on stories I heard from others, though there are a few things that came from personal experience. But I will repeat one more time: I am not Clyde! … [Read More...]


The MP Go-Round (massage parlor)

This could mean two things. The first is where one of us goes to some massage parlor, doesn't see his heart's desire, and moves on to check out another place. Or two... rinse and repeat. Then there is the merry go-round that the chicas do, which, more often than not, is the cause of the first (monger) MP go-round. Relative newcomers as well as some … [Read More...]


The First Trip Experience

Everyone reading this is either contemplating his first visit or remembers his first visit. Before the first visit, the questions and imaginings run wild. I myself had images in my mind that were very little like what I actually found once my sandals hit the pavement. I did quite a bit of reading and research, more than most visitors I have met since, … [Read More...]

Listen to a FREE sample of “Dances…. etc.”

Into Audio Books? Youtube sample chapter from "Dances with Prostitutes Costa Rica Style" Available at I spent many a night waiting for quiet spots between passing motorcycles and garbage trucks to record this thing, then spend hours editing out (virtually) all my f-ups to come up with a three hour audio book. One thing I can say for certain is … [Read More...]


The Real “Magdalena”

Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of "Magdalena - A Prostitute's Life in Costa Rica." Some people have asked me a few questions about the book so I thought I would do what I could to answer them here. Probably the first question people ask is "Is there a 'real' Magdalena?" The answer is a definite "sort of." There was one chica whom I interviewed … [Read More...]

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Audiobook of Dances with Prostitutes

It's not yet available for sale, but "Dances with Prostitutes - Costa Rica Style" will soon be available as an audio book. Obviously I want it to be a success, but more than whatever money it makes for me, it was a LOT of work. When I started the project, I knew there would be some obstacles. First thing I had to fight was the noise outside my bedroom, … [Read More...]


He Would NEVER Pay for Sex

It can be a matter of pride. The idea never occurred to me until I was approaching 50. I wish it HAD occurred to me, but I never seriously considered it. I don't think I was too PROUD as much as I had a lot of preconceptions about the whole business. And at the time and place I was, my preconceptions weren't too far off base. The options were streetwalkers, … [Read More...]


You’re STILL Not in Kansas

Continuing from the last post: ...she wants to give you a great massage and blow job... the reflex reaction is the same as back home, but the rational part of the mind says "wait a sec, dude, this is going to cost you." The next thought is "is this THE girl I want to spend my money on?" Despite the rational reactions, old habits die hard. Let's face … [Read More...]